E M I L Y  I S A A C S O N,  M E D I C I N E  W O M A N


Emily Isaacson, director and founder, was born December 11, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario. She grew up in Victoria, B.C., Canada where her family lived for 14 years. She is both Scottish (on the maternal side) and German, (on the paternal side).  

Emily Isaacson began writing poetry at age ten, where she lived on Vancouver Island. She was first published at age thirteen for her poem, "The Wild Madonna" in a journal for doctor's offices. She has now published over 1,500 individual poems in twelve books of poetry, as well as a novel, photography, and a children's book. Her refined taste in what she will write and publish has been establishing her as somewhat of a Canadian icon. Generally her books are partnership published, but she also publishes at the WLI under her own imprint Potter's House Press.

Emily Isaacson was nominated for the Community Achievement Award in 2010, an Arty Award in Literature by the Abbotsford Arts Council in 2013, the Christine Caldwell Award for Outstanding Arts Advocate in 2015, and is a lifetime member of Cambridge Who's Who. She has also served on the board of the Mission Arts Council (2007-10) and the Fraser Valley Poets Society (2018-20) in Abbotsford.

Emily Isaacson studied nutrition at Bastyr University of natural medicine. She became a nutritionist in 1999, and successfully worked to reverse eating disorders. She has worked at two eating disorder clinics, both in Canada and the United States. In her life, she has found that science and art must both be in balance.

Isaacson created the Rainbow Program as a website in 2006 to teach her global audience about eating by the rainbow. She put an emphasis on brightly coloured whole foods. She successfully integrated cutting edge research on bitter "sugars that heal" into a practical dietary program. Then she taught nutrition from a colour-based perspective at conferences, support groups, high schools, community centers, and various health clinics. Nutrition education is a very teaching-oriented profession.

Isaacson was the one of four practitioners in the pithouse at Xa:ytem Longhouse in 2009, and has taught her colour-based program at two food banks locally, both in Mission (2006) and Abbotsford (2012-2014).

Isaacson is now nutritionist and offers nutrition sessions by appointment in the Fraser Valley at the P U L S E Nutrition Clinic.

Emily Isaacson founded what is now the Wild Lily Institute in 2005. Isaacson has trained in creative writing and restorative justice. She inspires her readers in skills of conflict resolution and healing through forgiveness. Her themes include the sea, circle keeping, healing the community, forgiveness, and reparation.

All photos used by permission.