T H E  W I L D   L I L Y   I N S T I T U T E

Wild Lily Quote

       from poet and author

       Emily Isaacson

I.68 Liberty

When you gain the right

to be cherished and speak,

when you obtain access

to your own private world,

then the garden of your soul

will bloom

in all the colours of love.

Tell us in words how to live,

and without words

when we are silent.

For you will be the strength

of our future;

once as children of day—

we now view the setting sun, the nightfall.

I.68 Justice

Thin and humbled,

you look on us and we are

but your art, sculpted in clay to attend you.

We reflect the ceilings of time,

refinished and reinstated.

Brocaded in white

is where the angels tread.

--Emily Isaacson, Ignatia

Come to the Banquet:  

Two Olive Trees Personified Who Persecute the Earth


This is the tale of two prophets, named for the two icons in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa. 



They are also found in the  fourth chapter of the Book of Zechariah and Chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation in the Bible. 

They are described as two olive trees that pour out golden oil. This refers to their prolific poetry that is olive oil to the Lord; their audience of one.

This section in the Bible is prefaced by an encounter with the High Priest, Joshua in Chapter 3 of Zechariah.


Someday they will know the reason they came to Israel, but for now it is enough to spell out the emotion of this land. They cultivate an Israel that will know the Lord the way an olive tree knows its gardener.