T H E  W I L D   L I L Y   I N S T I T U T E

Love In the Time of Plague

Global Awareness 

I give you the gift of poetry . . .

--Emily Isaacson

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The White Chamber

only echoes the covert love

and fear of touch, the distance—

the need for breathing space.

Then there is the Sea Chamber

of sea and salt,

of the sun-bleached tide,

and driftwood pale.

Lilies grow en masse off the porch

of this old house by the ocean,

wild lilies, lilies of the valley,

lilies of the sea, the shells leave

their remains.

The depths of art have

flung you with great briny force,

now you face your sole salty

witness, the oracle of

the vine and mountain.


                                                       --Emily Isaacson, LITTOP (2022) 

A Thousand Years