T H E  W I L D   L I L Y   I N S T I T U T E

Wild Lily Vision

The Wild Lily Institute was founded in 2005 as the Emily Isaacson Institute and re-named in 2016. We are located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Wild Lily is dedicated to the tradition and ways of the natural earth with a holistic vision, directed by founder Emily Isaacson.

The furthering of youth through the arts involves creativity. The Institute emphasizes first the creation of art and literature; second, the distribution of literature; third, research and development. We participate in, as well as offer nutrition education for community development. We believe that everyone should have access to nutrition education, regardless of gender, income, or social status.

Restorative justice is a mentality, a set of principles and values. Isaacson has trained in restorative justice in both Mission and Abbotsford, and teaches others on the road of reparation using circle keeping.  

Emily Isaacson is the author of a children's book called Little Bird's Song, as well as twelve poetry books. The collections of the select poetry of Emily Isaacson can be purchased on this site. To learn more about Emily's postmodern poetry that shaped the Wild Lily Institute, visit here.

Emily Isaacson served as a Professional Photographer of British Columbia (PPABC) from 2010-2012. She exhibited in 2010 at the Mission Arts Centre. There she spent three years on the board of directors of the Mission Arts Council (2007-10).

The Waterhouse Foundation was founded in 2009 to create an online hub for artists to join as members and become Registered Artists. In conjunction with directors Micheal Krahn and Carolyn Good, the Waterhouse Foundation took off, with a global following for artists from any country of the world.

Visit our Flickr Portfolio where she presents her classic landscapes of the Fraser Valley.

Moon Over The Church

by Emily Isaacson

Details About the Institute:

The Wild Lily Institute was founded in 2005, received its formal name and became a legal entity in 2008 (the Emily Isaacson Institute), and then changed its name in 2016 to WLI. 

Mantra: "Then the garden of your soul will bloom . . .”

The Wild Lily Institute is a member of the Abbotsford Arts Council and the Mission Arts Council.

There are over 200 Friends of the Institute, and we receive an average of 550 visits a day to WLI sites. (2020-22).

Emily Isaacson, director, served on the board of directors of the Mission Arts Council (2007-10) the board of directors of the Fraser Valley Poets Society (2013, 2018-2020) and the board of directors of the Abbotsford Arts Council (2021-22).

Emily Isaacson published her first book in 2007, and will have published in total 16 books (this year.)

The WLI has approximately 4,000 books in print (in 2021).

We have 90 poetry and art videos on YouTube with  8,1 1 1  views.

Emily Isaacson was in a documentary on television in Europe (Germany, made in 1995).

We have put over 50,000 ads on television in the USA.

We have put over 9 million ads on the Google network.

We have put 9 1,3 0 1 ads on Facebook.

We have 1 3 , 9 6 5 fans on MySpace.

WLI pages have over 2 8 0 9  likes on Facebook. 

The WLI has attracted 1, 8 7 6 , 6 2 6  visits to its websites.

Our blogs have 3 3, 3 0 8 page views.

We have 5 0 6 7  social media friends. (We don't initiate friending anyone on Facebook.)

We sent out 385 cards and letters last Christmas (2020) and sent out 215 this year (2021),

in total since 2008 we have formally sent out 2115 cards at Christmas.

Emily Isaacson received nine Christmas cards from the Royal Family, one from the Prime Minister (Harper), three from the Premier (Horgan), and two letters from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Isaacson has been in private practice for 17 years and over 335 people have been helped by nutritionist Emily Isaacson with their nutrition.