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From The Ashes Of Plague: 

A Third April 

The third time the spring came in

she wore Laura Ashley with hues of mint,

a dash of thyme, that friend of mine,

and a hat with a hint of velvet.

She hung a flower on the wood wall,

and many more irises appeared

in purple and orange, the brightest colour

under the ten commandments.

Moses would engrave

your name

in a leather-bound Bible.

What prophet would I ask

to interpret the recession

and the subsequent poverty:

Moses or Samuel?

The next door neighbor lost his job,

his daughter joined a homeless camp,

my grandmother's second husband died

of Coronavirus,

my father could not leave a tip,

while I bought even more irises than before.

--Emily Isaacson

Praise for A Familiar Shore:

"I took up my favored pen / and the meter of the salt roar, / the splendid gathering of stony shells / and aged driftwood / splashed off the pages…"

 This lyrical mythic collection with its motifs of healing and nurturing will transport you to places you have never been, in the company of surprising characters and creatures.

- Violet Nesdoly

Poet and author

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