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The Lion and the Unicorn Tapestry  or Clay Road  127,080 visits

The Rainbow Program   118,880  visits

Voetelle   114, 380  visits

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Canadian Poet Emily Isaacson

We are listing all our official websites here, so you can be assured that these sites were authentically authorized to contain content by Emily Isaacson and WLI. 

It has come to our attention that there are sites online that are pirating Isaacson's books and other content. Please be advised that this is illegal, and all Isaacson's books, e-books and otherwise are under Canadian and/or American copyright.  They cannot be given away for free by any other site. 

We strive to make Isaacson's books and e-books both high quality and affordable, and they are produced as cost-effectively as possible so you reap the benefit. 

We are offering a free e-book during the pandemic for our readers. 

See offer here. 

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